Financial Pain – The Reality Behind Payday Loans

Everyone relies on a loan from time to time. With hundreds of loans available, you can have varied selections depending on how much you can spare per month. All loans are divided into terms that you can easily pay off. Some of the popular choices you can try are payday loans. Like the namesake, payday loans must be repaid every payday. This kind of loan is considered a temporary solution that can turn into nightmare if left unchecked.

What factors made payday loans so volatile that financial experts advise people against it?Image result for financial pain

Short Repayment Period

Usually, the repayment time of payday loan is so short that borrowers tend to miss
out. On average, it takes about two weeks before the maturity of the loan. For some cases, it will take only few days. As much as possible, avoid payday loans with outrageous repayment periods.

Image result for financial painExaggerated Fees and Penalties

Whenever you miss out a payment, it’s natural for the lender to slap your account with penalties. Payday loan lenders, however, are notorious for their large fees. In just a week, your loan may accrue 10% or higher rates. Miss out some more and you’ll end up paying 200%!

Shadowy Transactions

Image result for financial painPayday loan lenders have tendencies to engage in shadowy transactions. Even though you’re keeping an eye on the whole process, some details may remain hidden to you. This is a risk that you need to take as a payday loan borrower. To mitigate your risk, you should only transact with banks and well-recognized financial institutions.

Even though payday loans are notorious, they are legally covered. From banks to small-scale financial organizations, payday loans (also known as cash advance) are being offered far and wide. If you really need a payday loan, do your best to repay if fast. You don’t want to be caught in a stressful debt cycle.